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Icon dialog allows you to create new icon or modify existent icon's settings.

General prefix options

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Option name  Description 
Program The program name may be specified in DOS format "C:\WINDOWS\REGEDIT.EXE" or in Unix format "/home/brezerk/.wine/drive_c/windows/regedit.exe".
Note: don't use special characters like "~"!
Arguments You may pass arguments to the program being executed by writing them in this field.
Working dir Working directory for wine executable.
Name Icon name which used for display in q4wine icon list.
Description Icon short description.
Size Size of wine virtual desktop.

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Override DLL

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You can define the override type and load order of dlls used in the loading process for any dll.

There are currently two types of libraries that can be loaded into a process' address space:

  • native windows dlls - "native"
  • wine internal dlls - "builtin"

The type may be abbreviated with the first letter of the type "n, b".

Each dll may have its own specific load order. The load order determines which version of the dll is attempted to be loaded into the address space. If the first fails, then the next is tried and so on.

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Advanced options

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Option name  Description 
DISPLAY Specifies the X11 display to use. This option mostly used in multi monitor stations. Or if you wish to ran application in other X server copy.
See Xorg man pages for details.
Run with output in console If this options selected, q4wine will run wine program in X11 terminal emulator. X11 terminal emulator binary and it's options can be set in Q4Wine settings dialog.
WINEDEBUG Turns debugging messages on or off. The syntax of the variable is of the form [class][+/-]channel[,[class2][+/-]channel2].
For more information on debugging messages, see the Running Wine chapter of the Wine User Guide.
Priority Allows you to run wine program with modified scheduling priority.
You can set values from 0 uo to 11.
To set values from 0 down to -11 you need to renice process from q4wine process manage tab.
LANG Allows you to run wine program with user defined locale. Note, that wine program must support locale autodetection.

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Icon screen

Pre and post run scripts will NOT be executed in case if "Run With Output in Console" option is enabled.

Option name  Description 
Pre run Path to executable script file wich will be excuted before icon run.
Post run Path to executable script file wich will be excuted after icon run.

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