As q4wine is Open Software, you can download and install q4wine in most cases free of charge. On this page you can read below about various ways to get q4wine.

Getting stable sources

q4wine releases can be found here:

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Distributions packages

Here is list of distribution packages. In most cases, they are supported by q4wine community and distribution maintainers. And not supported by q4wine developers itself.


Thanks to Boris Pek stable q4wine packages for Debian version >= 6.0 (Squeeze) are available here:


Thanks to Boris Pek stable q4wine packages for Ubuntu version >= 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) are available here:


Thanks to Dmitrij S. Kryzhevich q4wine packages are available in official repositories of Fedora distribution. Packages are available for 12, 13 and 14 Fedora releases.


Thanks to Rusmir Dusko stable q4wine packages for FreeBSD are available in official port tree:


Thanks to Markos Chandras q4wine ebuilds are available in official portage tree:

Live git ebuild can be found here:

qting-edge overlay


Thanks to Kyrill Detinov stable q4wine packages for openSUSE are available here:


Thanks to Ercole Carpanetto stable q4wine packages for openmamba are included in the main repository of the distro:


Thanks to Andrea Sciucca stable q4wine packages for Slackware 13.0 are available at web page of The Italian Slackware Community:

Mac OS X:

Stable q4wine packages for Mac OS X are not available yet. But you can build it from sources :}

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Getting head sources

If you wish try to build last development sources, you can get them from q4wine git repository: git://

To get it, first of all you will need to install git package.

When you finish this, you can run following command:

git clone git://

This command will clones q4wine repository into a newly created directory on you system. Now you can build q4wine. See INSTALL file for details.

To update exesting copy of q4wine git sources run command below in q4wine sources directory.

git pull

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