Q4Wine support Qt translation files. This means, you can easily create new or update existing translations just by using Qt Linguist application.

Adding new translation

Any new translation will be welcome. The process quite simple:

  • Create an request at bug tracker . Please, add following info: Language name, Language Code (can be obtained via 'echo $LC_ALL' executed in terminal).
  • Wait for responce.
  • Choose offline or online translation method.

Offline translations

The source code (as well as translation files) for Q4Wine are hosted on github. Checkout The One Minute Guide to Using Qt Linguist for translation process detail.

You can send translated ts files directly to me via e-mail, or via github pull request: Using pull requests

Online translations

Pootle is the name of the software we use for translating the GUI. This software runs on our Web Server at and all you need is Web Browser and Internet access to use this Software.

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