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0.120 release
posted by: brezerk on: 01 Oct 2010

Hi to all.

Here it is time for new q4wine release tagged by 0.120 version.

Changes since 0.119 are:


  • Added Czech translation (thx to Pavel Fric);
  • Added cmake option MANPAGE_ENTRY_PATH;
  • User now can open system terminal from q4wine programs tab menu for selected directory;
  • Winetriks plug-in updates;
  • Added minimize to tray at startup option;
  • Added minimize to tray at application icon startup option;
  • DBUS notification;
  • Added Wine WOW64Node support and configuration settings;


  • warning: ignoring return value of ‘int chdir(const char*)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result;
  • Fixed unescaped characters in q4wine-helper (q4wine-Bugs-3059156);
  • Fixed run dialog bug for gut trunk (q4wine-Bugs-3075628);
  • Fixed bug in q4wine-helper while run games like: Fallout 1\2, Truck Simulator e.t.c.
  • Fixed some typo and gui layouts;
  • Fixed fakedrivesettings.cpp rewrite sh scripts in to C++\Qt code;
  • FreeBSD: report error while can't read process info from /proc fs;
  • Fixed $HOME/.config/q4wine/tmp not required any more, we use $WINEPREFIX/tmp instead;
  • Desktop file updates;

Released sources and packages are available in our downloads page.

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