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1.0-r2 release
posted by: brezerk on: 03 Mar 2013

Hi to all.

Here it is time for new q4wine release tagged by 1.0-r2 version.

Changes since 1.0-r1 are:


  • Clean setup: error while loading application settings by key: prefixDefaultPath BUG-25;
  • Winetricks plugin does not check script presence BUG-26;
  • "Use single-click to run icons" does not affect icons in "setup" tab BUG-27;


  • Persian translation. Thx 2 Arash Ariayee;
  • Winetricks plugin can use script installed in system BUG-28;

Released sources and packages are available in our downloads page.

Thanks to all, who made this release possible! :)

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