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1.2-r1 release
posted by: brezerk on: 30 Dec 2015

Version changes since 1.1-r2


  • Deleting prefix does not remove prefix folder in ~/.local/share/wineprefixes BUG-43;


  • Fixed typo in Startup Wizard;
  • Fixup Wine Libs detection BUG-50;
  • Remove Wine settings from App settings BUG-50 BUG-23;
  • Make Wine64 libs optional (for x86 only platforms) BUG-50;
  • Backup/Restore prefix path handler;
  • Can't use pre/post run scripts without standalone script BUG-49;
  • Do not force startpage open;
  • add custom dll overrides outside from the list BUG-60;
  • Revert "Kill dead online components" breaks the Qt5 build BUG-62;
  • Do not build wineappdb core components if -DWITH_WINEAPPDB=OFF is set BUG-62;
  • 'Run -> Browser' on Programs window not work BUG-54;
  • QT5: Winetricks application list fails to refresh and causes segfault on quit BUG-53;
  • Make -DQT5 flag visible during cmake build and runtime;
  • CLI: -v/-h options must not trigger nor database check nor wizard startup;
  • Remove useless and confusing appdb startup dialog;

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