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The beginning

Hi! Thanks for using Q4Wine.

Q4Wine project was started just for fun, in hope that this application will be useful for myself and maybe for other people over the universe world ;].

If you wish to help this project, you can do this in following ways:

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Some terms stuff

Q4Wine operates some specific terms like "Prefix", "Wine Fake drive" and "Wineprefix"

Please, read a Q4Wine short FAQ for a details.

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After First Startup Wizzard finish, Q4Wine is ready for use.

You can operate Default wine prefix, which is by wine defaults located at $HOME/.wine

Q4Wine first screen

Usually, it is a good idea to use different prefixes to store different wine configurations called "Wine Fake drive".

If you planing doing so, Q4Wine will helps you to create new prefix record. Just go to Q4Wine "Prefixes" tab, and click on "Create new prefix" menu entry.

Prefixes screen

Now you can follow Prefix settings manual page for successful prefix creation.

When you finish prefix creation process, you will need to create Wine Fake drive.

Fake drive - is a directory which holds a virtual windows drive with separate wine settings (drives, virtual desktop, special dlls and so on).

You can go to Q4Wine setup tab, select created prefix at "Current prefix" field, and then click on "Create Fake Drive" command button.

Setup screen

Now you can follow Fake drive settings manual page for successful fake drive creation.

After finishing Fake drive creation wizard, you may go to q4wine "Programs" tab, and see new directories like: "system" and "autostart" for new prefix.

Now you have successfully creates an new prefix. And it is ready for use.

Fake drive wizard screen

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Where to go now?

It is also good point to start explore Q4Wine by reading General GUI description

Good luck! :]

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