Q4Wine is a Qt GUI for Wine. It will help you manage wine prefixes and installed applications. It currently supported on Linux, FreeBSD and OS X platforms.

Q4Wine was initially written by Oleksii S. Malakhov aka John Brezerk. General idea comes from WineTools scripts which were initially written by Frank Hendriksen.

General features are:

  • Can export Qt color theme into wine colors settings;
  • Can easy work with different wine versions at same time;
  • Easy creating, deleting and managing prefixes (WINEPREFIX);
  • Easy controlling for wine process;
  • Autostart icons support;
  • Easy cd-image use;
  • You can extract icons from PE files (.exe .dll);
  • Easy backup and restore for managed prefixes;
  • Winetriks support;
  • And more: Explore it!;


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Ukrainian Language Pack 0.37
posted by: brezerk on: 24 Sep 2021

Оновлення проекту Української локалізації Arma3.


  • Синхронізовано текстові повідомлення з останньою версією гри;
  • Покращено переклад language_f;
  • Покращено переклад languagecore_f;
  • Покращено переклад 3den_language;

Мод можна завантажити за посиланням: Steam Workshop: Ukrainian Language Pack

v1.3.13 release
posted by: brezerk on: 10 Sep 2021

Version changes since v1.3.12


  • Prefix Import feature is not working as expected BUG-156;
  • Misspelled Color Theme Settings BUG-155;
  • CMake warning BUG-158;
  • XDG Base Directory Specification support BUG-178;
  • Use LC_ALL instead of LANG to force override applciation locale BUG-165;
Proof of Concept: Space Game
posted by: brezerk on: 07 Nov 2020

Continue to play with GodotEngine: Proof of Concept: Space Game;


  • camera movement;
  • space ship movement (point & click);
  • basic path finding;
  • ship rotation to align the plotted course;

Took a bit more time than I was expecting :)

v1.3.12 release
posted by: brezerk on: 08 Feb 2020

Version changes since v1.3.11


  • Afrikaans translation;
  • Japanese translation;
  • Ukrainian translation;
  • Russian translation;
  • Traditional Chinese translation;
  • German translation;


  • Add an option to show / hide "Args" parameter BUG-114;
  • Generate StartupWMClass values in created .desktop files BUG-153;
  • Added a feature to keep the terminal open when running winetricks so users can see the output.


  • Fix parsing of env causing issues with wine kill BUG-143;
  • Error: wrong or broken XML data. Try again later. BUG-146;
  • Fixed a bug where /etc/mtab was not being read and resulted in being unable to unmount iso images.
  • Fixed a bug where the temporary director for generating icons wasn't being deleted. Refactored this to use QTemporaryDir.
  • Added workaround for st terminal, similar to konsole.
  • Fixed warnings: Qt deprecated function useage;
  • Fixed warnings: use of old-style cast;
Karatel: Maintenace
posted by: brezerk on: 20 Jun 2019

To you attention, project is moving to a new hosting. It will take ~1 week. If you need to you can always contact us .

Sorry for the inconvenience

v1.3.11 release
posted by: brezerk on: 02 Jan 2019

Version changes since v1.3.10


  • Display of Valve Proton in Processes view BUG-138;
  • Improve all dialogs of choosing files BUG-139;
  • Allow Stop Wine action to kill Valve Proton in Processes view BUG-138;


  • Code cleanup: drop Qt4 support;
v1.3.10 release
posted by: brezerk on: 12 Sep 2018

Version changes since v1.3.9


  • cppcheck: Uninitialized struct member: item.provider_id;


  • to get rid of all non-release stuff;
v1.3.9 release
posted by: brezerk on: 11 Sep 2018

Version changes since v1.3.7


  • Fixed build with Qt >= 5.11 BUG-125;
  • Error: wrong or broken XML data. Try again later. BUG-132;
  • winetricks: Proxy settings are used even if proxy type set to 'none';


  • Custom virtual desktop resolution size BUG-131;


  • gui_sudo missing in Ubuntu 18.04 BUG-120;
v1.3.7 release
posted by: brezerk on: 27 Apr 2018

Version changes since v1.3.6


  • Wine stock icons to be organized through Q4Wine BUG-117;
  • Add gnome-terminal into terminal detection logic BUG-118;


  • French translation (thx 2 seigneurfuo);
Maintenance at 12/22/17 till 12/24/17
posted by: brezerk on: 18 Dec 2017


I just got new hardware to replace existing infrastructure. All services:

  • web
  • mail
  • vpn

Will be going offline for period 12/22/17 till 12/24/17.

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