Q4Wine is a Qt GUI for Wine. It will help you manage wine prefixes and installed applications. It currently supported on Linux, FreeBSD and OS X platforms.

Q4Wine was initially written by Oleksii S. Malakhov aka John Brezerk. General idea comes from WineTools scripts which were initially written by Frank Hendriksen.

General features are:

  • Can export Qt color theme into wine colors settings;
  • Can easy work with different wine versions at same time;
  • Easy creating, deleting and managing prefixes (WINEPREFIX);
  • Easy controlling for wine process;
  • Autostart icons support;
  • Easy cd-image use;
  • You can extract icons from PE files (.exe .dll);
  • Easy backup and restore for managed prefixes;
  • Winetriks support;
  • And more: Explore it!;


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Translation collaboration tools update
posted by: brezerk on: 14 Jan 2017

After some experiments and tests. I decided to start using Weblate instead of pootle.

It provides flexible and simple git integration as well as github and google authentication via OAuth2.

Currently this new tool has been deployed and configured. It is available via url;

Let me know if any issues.


v1.3.4 release
posted by: brezerk on: 24 Dec 2016

Version changes since v1.3.3


  • Add WINE env var to console environment BUG-91;


  • Icons are not loaded properly with Qt 5.7.x;
  • Console launch environment uses dead setting fields BUG-90;
  • Q4Wine file selectors filters files with upper case extension BUG-94[QTBUG-51712];
  • Refactor winetrkics parser: use direct parser + transactions;
  • Links imported from Windows desktop do not work BUG-103;
  • Import from Windows desktop is not working in some cases BUG-103;
  • Processes tab does not detect some wine processes correctly BUG-100;
v1.3.3 release
posted by: brezerk on: 04 Oct 2016

Version changes since v1.3.2


  • Problem opening file dialog to mount ISO BUG-86;
v1.3.2 release
posted by: brezerk on: 31 Aug 2016

Version changes since v1.3.1


  • [regression, bisected] Icon information is not displayed correctly BUG-80;
  • Winetricks does not update BUG-77;
  • First startup wizard (quick mount profile): profile strings are initially empty if fuseiso is not installed BUG-81;
  • Download (latest) Winetricks from GitHub BUG-82;
  • Correct proxy-related environment variables in Winetricks plugin BUG-83;
  • Use env command in the command line to download Winetricks BUG-83;
  • Support proxy username/password in Winetricks plugin BUG-83;
  • Treat aarch64 as 64 bit platform and put libraries in lib64 directory BUG-85;
v1.3.1 release
posted by: brezerk on: 21 Jul 2016

Version changes since v1.3


  • Allow to execute and create icons for .bat and .msi files BUG-69;
  • Added Chinese (China) translation (thx 2 Mingye Wang and Mingcong Bai);
  • Added Japanese translation (thx 2 Masanori Kakura);


  • Renamed 'New' menu option for icon and prefix view to 'New icon' and 'New folder' respectively to avoid confusion BUG-69;
  • Icon description is not exported into *.desktop file BUG-69;
  • Winetrick's item description label doesn't wrap properly BUG-71;
  • Qt5: detailed view item selection duplicate BUG-75;
  • q4wine-cli does not accept extra app arguments BUG-78;
  • Translation files moved from i18n to l10n;
  • Hide deprecated prefix options if values are not set;
v1.3 release
posted by: brezerk on: 27 Feb 2016

Version changes since v1.3


  • Taiwan translation (thx 2 Jeff Huang);
  • Use icons from the system icon theme where possible BUG-22;
  • Replace default raster icons with SVG analogs BUG-21;
  • Extend App icons zoom sizes up to 512px BUG-21;
  • Allow to choose .svg and .svgz images for icons BUG-21;
  • Add an app option to switch default/ambiance-light/ambiance-dark icon BUG-21;
  • Use ISO country codes for translation files (required for: pootle, gentoo ebuild);
  • Use native language name for language selection;


  • WineLibs paths are no longer strictly required BUG-68;
  • Process explorer is broken BUG-70;


q4wine project was started about 8 years ago. It still continue to evolve from an simple 7-lines 'Hello World' application written just for fun in late 2008 :)

It was a long run. I am really impressed with OpenSource development model. Unfortunately, q4wine has a lot of design issues and limitations. It is really hard to support and add new features. To get rid of this, I am planning to rewrite it completely from scratch.

I do have some new ideas to try, but it will be nice to hear ideas, suggestions or comments from the end users.

So it's my call to you: if you have something to say I'm ready to listen.

Translation collaboration online tool
posted by: brezerk on: 04 Feb 2016


In order to organize and simplify translations process for q4wine I decided to setup Pootle localization tool.

Community localization server now available at: Don't forget to check out our updated Translation hints.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome :)

1.2-r2 release
posted by: brezerk on: 13 Jan 2016

Version changes since 1.2-r1


  • Czech translation update (thx 2 Pavel Fric);


  • QtSystemApplication library detection does not work well for Qt5 BUG-64;
1.2-r1 release
posted by: brezerk on: 30 Dec 2015

Version changes since 1.1-r2


  • Deleting prefix does not remove prefix folder in ~/.local/share/wineprefixes BUG-43;


  • Fixed typo in Startup Wizard;
  • Fixup Wine Libs detection BUG-50;
  • Remove Wine settings from App settings BUG-50 BUG-23;
  • Make Wine64 libs optional (for x86 only platforms) BUG-50;
  • Backup/Restore prefix path handler;
  • Can't use pre/post run scripts without standalone script BUG-49;
  • Do not force startpage open;
  • add custom dll overrides outside from the list BUG-60;
  • Revert "Kill dead online components" breaks the Qt5 build BUG-62;
  • Do not build wineappdb core components if -DWITH_WINEAPPDB=OFF is set BUG-62;
  • 'Run -> Browser' on Programs window not work BUG-54;
  • QT5: Winetricks application list fails to refresh and causes segfault on quit BUG-53;
  • Make -DQT5 flag visible during cmake build and runtime;
  • CLI: -v/-h options must not trigger nor database check nor wizard startup;
  • Remove useless and confusing appdb startup dialog;

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